For a modern product-based business, there are few more critical factors underlying success than a robust e-commerce offering. With sales expanding at a dizzying rate, US shoppers alone will have spent $262 Billion online in 2013.

For more than 10 years, Firefly has been crafting novel e-commerce solutions. With our capabilties in custom software, we can often solve problems that prefabricated systems find intractable. This might include specialized order flows, integration with existing databases or third-party systems, complex product customizations or unique user-interfaces that depart from the limited selection of grid-only layouts commonly available. 

Because it uniquely binds the world of online technology to personal finances, e-commerce is a complex world. Firefly is famililar with many existing software solutions as well as  industry regulations like PCI Compliance, PA DSS and beyond. If you're interested in the best fit for your organization, contact us for a consultation today.

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